Skilled Nursing

The nurse will coordinate with other healthcare professionals and will perform the following procedures which includes but not limited to:
-Wound Care
-Intravenous Fluids Infusion
   ( antibiotic treatments, total parenteral nutrition, etc.)
-Tube Feeding care
-Foley catheter insertion and care
-Education on disease condition and medication regimen

Medical Equipment - Absolute Healthcare Systems, Inc. will assist/arrange for the rental or procurement of the necessary medical supplies/equipments such as assistive devices (walker, cane, wheelchair, motorized chair/scooter), hospital bed, ostomies, catheters (foley, straight, texas) and other supplies necessary for the provision of patient care.

Interpreters and Spanish Speaking Personnel - Absolute Healthcare Systems, Inc. can provide Spanish speaking nurses, therapists and interpreters as necessary.

Physical Therapy - A licensed physical therapist will design the exercise program necessary for your care such as muscle strengthening, activities after surgical procedures such as knee and hip replacement, and for patients requiring physical rehabilitation program with the approval or your primary physician and/or the referring physician.

Occupational Therapy - Licensed occupational therapists are available for patients needing help with the upper limbs, fine motor movements and re-training programs for activities of daily living.

Speech Therapy - Licensed speech therapists are available for patients who have difficulty/lost ability to speak normally after a stroke or other neuromuscular disabilities.

Home Health Aide - Licensed nurse's aides are available to assist with personal hygiene and grooming.

Medical Social Worker - Licensed social workers are available to assist patients and family members with the social and financial aspect that needs to be modified.